Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is Pakistan’s first smart city. Currently, it is ranked as the 23rd Smart City of the world. This historic project attracts investors from all over the world. It has been a major attraction for housing development sector over the years.


In addition, Capital Smart City is believed to be one of the best ways for investors in both national and international markets. The legal framework, production methods and active business opportunities certainly make it a place to attract all kinds of investors.


In addition, below you will find full details about the Project, Payment Plan, No Objection Certificate Details (NOC), Important Dates and Recent Development Updates.

Trusted Name in Real Estate Industry

Capital Smart City Islamabad ventures in partnership between Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited. HRL, a well-known name in the construction industry of Pakistan, are the developers of Bahria Town, DHA Islamabad and many other projects.


In addition, they have successfully operated their housing communities in Sargodha, Multan and Sahiwal in the name of Royal Orchard Sargodha, Royal Orchard Multan and Royal Orchard Sahiwal. Not only this, they have also introduced another Mega Smart City in Lahore called Lahore Smart City.

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd

Future Developments Holdings (Private) Limited is also known as FDHL. A partner organization registered under the Companies Ordinance 1984. In other words, several national and international firms have joined hands to emerge as the world’s leading new organization. Its Real Estate & Property Management Company operating in Pakistan.


In addition, FDHL believes in building communities. These communities, therefore, will lead to world-class sustainability through strong economic and professional commitment.


In addition, these communities can be built with strategic investment, new urban planning and life cycle assets. FDHL plans to launch another smart city in Lahore. In addition, it will be the technology-driven infrastructure introduced in Islamabad.

Habib Rafiqe (Pvt.) Ltd

For the past 10 years, HRL has been known as a trend setter in the field of housing and infrastructure. HRL has secured a high position in Pakistan’s growing housing development. In the meantime, HRL has introduced significant engineering involvement for the first time when it comes to housing and infrastructure development.


Today, HRL stands tall and unique because of its hard-earned reputation and trust. In addition, it has a high number of personnel and electro-mechanical equipment that gives HRL a clear advantage over its competitors in the market.


Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd has a 60-year heritage that is valuable in the industry and infrastructure. He is its largest infrastructure builder in Pakistan. Also, one of Pakistan’s leading construction companies. HRL has been recognized as a developer of various development projects in Pakistan.

Surbana Jurong (Pvt.) Ltd

Surbana Jurong (SJ) is the Master Planner of Capital Smart City. Its leading company in development of cities, industries and infrastructure in Asia. SJ is a Singapore state-owned enterprise. In addition, it was established in June 2015. After the merger of Surbana International Consultants and Jurong International Holdings, it came into existence.


In addition, SJ, with an additional value in technology, provides one-stop solutions in the field of urban, industrial and infrastructure. Its large Asian-based firms have more than 50 years of good track record in producing a successful project. In addition, SJ has approx staff resources of 14,500 employees working in more than 130 offices worldwide.


In the Program Project, it includes a range of resources that provide profitable business opportunities. In addition, life and recreation options in the emerging Islamabad region with growing economic opportunities are also heavily focused.

Harradine Golf

Haradine Golf is one of the most outstanding and leading products in building, organizing and managing Golf courses worldwide. It was founded in 1929. Haradine Golf because of its last profession which is considered the king of Golf. It has delivered more than 200 exemplary projects mainly to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Thanks to 91 rich experiences, he has won several international awards and honors for hosting the annual PGA competitions.


These Golf courses are designed and organized by a variety of platforms. Haradine Golf is of the opinion that Golfers should be a better experience than dangerous frustrations. In addition, it also seeks to maintain regional and local content in its project.


At CSCI, Haradine Golf organizes an 18-hole PGA Signature Golf Course

Trivelles Smart Homes

Trivelles Smart Villas is a leading asset development company in the United Kingdom (UK). It has also gained worldwide acclaim. Trivelles Smart Villas specializes in student accommodation, Buy-to-Let Apartments, hotels, and Serviced Apartments. Trivelles Smart Villas have more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. It is valued at more than £ 100 million.


Knowledge of the marketplace, reliable staff, and expertise in a variety of fields enables Trivelles Smart Villas to provide customer satisfaction.


Trivelles Smart Villas offers Smart Homes in Smart City for the first time in the history of Pakistan. These homes are based on a new concept of homes where people will want to live and benefit from modern technology and comfort provided.

Features of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City also known as Smart City due to its excellent provision of its Features. Smart Features of project shared below

  • Smart Security
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Resource Management
  • Smart Connectivity
  • Smart Facilities

Master Plan of Capital Smart City

The Master Plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad is built on a Township Model. Capital Smart City provides reasonable options for residence. It provides a wide range of housing choices that depends upon the density.  It includes

  • Medium Density (10 Marlas to 2 Kanal)
  • High Density (5 Marla)
  • Farm Houses (4 to 8 Kanals)
  • Shared Villas
Capital Smart City Map


The whole map is divided into facilities that are classified in to well-distinguished districts and sub-districts. Likewise, each district is supported with convenient public facilities. Names of districts included in Capital Smart City Master Plan is mentioned below

  • Overseas Block
  • General Block
  • Harmony Park
  • Panda Village
  • Aviation Village
  • Education District
  • Healthcare District
  • Lake-view Terrace
  • Hills Vista
  • Education City
  • Financial Square
  • Holiday Parks

Residential Units

In Capital Smart City Islamabad, residential plots are available in different blocks. Details of these Blocks explained below

This block is reserved exclusively for expats or Pakistanis overseas. Due to the location and location which is the most sought after unit of Capital Smart City. In addition, its very safe and important investment opportunity for Pakistani overseas. Moreover, compared to other Blocks, it is designed primarily to meet the living standards of Pakistani overseas.


In addition, it is easily accessible from a dedicated interchange, directly from the Motorway. Adjacent to Main Boulevard.

The Executive Block is introduced mainly to those who are paying their installments on time. In addition, engineers also offer the opportunity to transform your General Block into an Executive Block. It works for some time and the rate is very high in the Executive Block.

Harmony Park is the latest yet most sought after block of Capital Smart City. It introduced economical plots that are pocket friendly for every single individual. It is becoming more famous among fixed-income people. The plots are offered in 3.5 Plot category.

Location of Harmony Park

Harmony Park is situated adjacent to the Executive Block. It means that it will be directly linked to Main Boulevard. It is considered as one of the prime locations of the project.

Overseas Prime Block is launched on September 23, 2020. This block is located in an elevated place as compared to the other blocks. Hence, it provides a panoramic view of the whole Capital Smart City.  The waterfront infrastructure is excessively adorned with lush hills. There is no compulsion of being Overseas.

Location of Overseas Prime Block

Overseas Prime Block Location is adjacent to Capital Hills. It can be reached directly through Chakri Road via Access-1.

General Block is one of the oldest blocks in Capital Smart City. Also, it is one of the largest blocks in Capital Smart City. Furthermore, the General Block is situated next to the Overseas Block.

Commercial Plots

Commercial Plots in Capital Smart City offered in the following categories

  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Location Of Commercial Plots

Location of Commercial Plots in Capital Smart City varies as per Block. However, keep in mind that presently offered commercial plots are neither on Main Boulevard nor on any other districts.

Commercial Plots are located within 4 Blocks namely

  • General Block
  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block-I
  • Overseas Block-II
  • Harmony Park

The recently added commercial plots of 67 Sq Yd and 100 Sq Yd are located in the new block,  Harmony Park. The one present on Main Boulevard will be high-rise buildings. It will be offered in the 3rd stage. In addition, the commercial arena is reachable within the 400 meters distance from residential space. As said earlier, the Capital Smart City Master Plan is based upon the Urban Township Model. Thus, the feasible reachability to commercial space is considered essential.

Facilities & Amenities of Capital Smart City

The residents of Capital Smart City are going to experience a modern way of living. One of the main reasons is the provision of ultimate facilities and amenities in Capital Smart City Islamabad. Moreover, by utilizing the bleeding-edge technology, it ensures the provision of all smart facilities in this first ever smart city of Pakistan.

Furthermore, following are the main features of Capital Smart City that makes it matchless.

  • Gate Entries
  • Hospitals
  • Holiday Park
  • 18-hole golf course
  • Shopping Mall and Complex
  • Load Shedding free environment
  • Electric Bikes
  • Mosques
  • Educational institutes
  • 5-Star Hotels and Restaurants
  • Crystal Lake & Floating village
  • CCTV with Facial and Object Recognition Cameras
  • Cinemas
  • Financial Square
  • Warehouses
  • Bus & Public Transport (BRT) Stations
  • Theme Parks and Bird Park
  • Water and Sewerage Treatment Plant

Map Of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is located on the outskirts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You can get to Capital Smart City Location within a 5 minute drive from New Islamabad International Airport. It is located on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2 only 9.2 kilometers from the M-2 Toll Plaza.


Above all, the dedicated car segments of this great project have already been approved near the Thallian Cross. As of September 9, 2020, it is called the “Smart Exchange”.


In addition, BRT seamless communication at the airport is also allowed. Also, it is located on the eastern route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as well.

Capital Smart City Islamabad legal NOC has already been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Several rumors circulated around the city regarding the status of the Capital Smart City NOC. However, it is officially announced in the official website of the RDA on September, 2019.


You can find it listed in number 45 of the list of approved RDA organizations. Therefore, Capital Smart City is legally and officially licensed

Capital Smart City Islamabad previously sprawled over an area of 65,000 Kanal.  However, in the launching ceremony, the total area of Capital Smart City was announced at more than 80,000 Kanal.  In addition, the latest Master Plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad is provisional and it will extend with the passage of time.

Smart Villas are basically Smart Homes. The concept of Smart Homes was first introduced in Pakistan. Smart Homes allows home automation. In other words, home devices which are controlled by your mobile device. From home security to room temperature and from gas sensors to motion sensors, everything will be in your hands.


In addition, in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, modern technology is being used in the full heads of the system to introduce Smart Homes. This future project is committed to bringing new and innovative state of the art business integrated with the technology of the time.

The Villas is the latest product of Capital Smart City. Capital Smart City envisioned a touch of smart life along with world-class facilities. This ideally planned venture is going to build an integrated community. In this regard, Capital Smart City has introduced The Villas – Boutique Apartments. It offered shared villas in 3.5 Marla and 5 Marla size.

The Villas feature a low-cost boutique apartment at the most affordable price plan. However, the provision, as well as the quality of smart facilities in these villas, remain constant.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is mainly built upon an exclusive Urban-management. Determined to ensure optimum efficiency and control, it also ensures the active participation. In addition, its striving to get advanced Information and Communication Technology infrastructure that will lead to optimized efficiency & services.

Furthermore, the main aim of this mega housing scheme is to uplift the living standards while boosting economic growth in the region. Its a Grade-8 development along with self-sustaining Eco-Friendly approach.

The Ideal Elements

Moreover, Capital Smart City central idea revolves around the following 3 elements

  • Smart Housing
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart Environment

Details of each of these elements is shared below

Smart Housing

Capital Smart City Islamabad strives to provide quality of life in general. In addition, in the form of art infrastructure, it brings a variety of resources for everyone.

It also introduced the Smart Home concept in Pakistan, on behalf of Smart Villas.

Smart Economy

Also, once operational, this work will be one of the main economic activity centers in the region. Currently, it is believed to be the first commercial center in the area. In addition, modern commercial centers are expected to create 90,000 jobs.

Smart Environment

The site is enriched according to Natural Scenic Beauty and Topography. 30% of the total area reserved for natural resources. In addition, the developers also intensified their efforts to avoid the risk of harming the natural beauty.

In addition, it provides Hydroponic farms that rely solely on water resources

Payment Plan Of Capital Smart City

PackagesAbbey Villas
5 Marla- 3 Bed/Bath
Price (Sq.ft) 5461.54
Standard Villas
5 Marla - 4 Bed/Bath
Price (Sq,ft): 5627.16
Harley Villas
10 Marla, 4 Bed/Bath
Price (Sq.ft): 6521.30
Regent Villas
10 Marla - 5 Bed/Bath
Price (Sq.Ft): 6476.30
SizeUnit Price10% Down Payment10% Confirmation42 Monthly Installments7 Half Yearly Installments
7 Marla3,475,000/-3,475,000/-347,500/-33,000/-199,140/-
10 Marla4,565,000/-4,565,000/-456,500/-43,500/-260,713/-
12 Marla5,050,000/-5,050,000/-505,000/-48,000/-289,140/-
1 Kanal6,845,000/-6,845,000/-684,500/-65,200/-391.083/-
2 Kanal13,440,000/-13,440,000/-1,344,000/-128,000/-768,000/-
Plot SizePriceNo Of InstallmentsRemarks
4 Marla10,530,000/-14Development Cost Included
6 Marla14,040,000/-14Development Cost Included
8 Marla17,550,000/-14Development Cost Included
Plot SizePriceNo Of InstallmentsRemarks
4 Kanal29,500,000/-14Development Cost Included
8 Kanal49,000,000/-14Development Cost Included

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Capital Smart City & How it is different from Other?

Smart City is an innovative new housing projects built with futuristic technology and advanced development and modern infrastructure. Moreover, its different from other housing societies for its high standards, smart apps, never before seen facilities, eco-friendly smart environment and strategic planning.

Why is it called Capital Smart City Islamabad When it is under the Rawalpindi Development Authority?

The layout plan of Islamabad city is under revision. Furthermore, this society might be included in the newest plan.  As it just falls on the boarder of current Islamabad area. Hence, its referred to as Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Is Capital Smart City a legal community?

Yes, Capital Smart City is 100% legal and secure society to invest in. Its NOC already approved by RDA and you can verify it from the official website of RDA.

What unique and smart facilities will this community provide?

The Capital Smart City is self-sustainable housing society with plenty of unique features such as BRT system, Climate control apps, free Wi-Fi hotspots, traffic control apps, surveillance system, appliances control apps and much more.